Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Well

This last Sunday was the anti-photo day of all days.  A friend and I went driving/walking all about in search of a few nice shots.  What we found were strong winds, nasty sun glare, and angry geese. Okay, the geese weren't angry until we got too close to a heavily protected nest.  The real mother goose is nothing like the one we learned about during story-circle in kindergarten.  We were squawked at and chased up a muddy hill before I got off a single shot.

When we finally gave up and decided to head to the photo lab, I was feeling a little disappointed in our excursion, but was excited about a roll of damaged film I had been shooting on.  This buoyed me through the wait for my prints.  As my friend and I approached the counter to pick up our prints, we heard the film tech equivalent of the blue screen of death, "I'm sorry, but...".  Apparently, my damaged film had not dried sufficiently enough to be sent through the developer.  My roll was returned to me in a plastic film canister, wrapped in black paper.  I am still not quite sure why they completely removed the film from its metal canister if they weren't going to develop it.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that the black paper around the plastic canister is not light-tight.  Sometime this week, I'll roll it into a new metal canister and hope that the entire roll is not destroyed.

So, after all of that, here are a couple of salvaged shots from the day.

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